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For all those upcoming special events and holidays (Weddings, Easter, bachelorette parties, girls’ night out, etc.) just around the corner, CDF is here to show you why StyleWe should be the go-to choice for all of your #CDFStyle party fashion needs.

You are about to see why StyleWe uses the motto: “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”!

Planning a wedding? Need the perfect bachelorette party dress for yours or your bestie’s special occasion?

StyleWe's Cici Wang Evening Dresses ...Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!
StyleWe’s Cici Wang Evening Dresses …Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!
StyleWe's Cici Wang Evening Dresses ...Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!
StyleWe’s Cici Wang Evening Dresses …Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!
StyleWe's Cici Wang Evening Dresses ...Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!
StyleWe’s Cici Wang Evening Dresses …Perfect for Wedding Party Participants!













StyleWe has you covered from head to toe!!


Yes!!! They even share the best advice for what you need to make sure your tresses look their best ~~~

Chrissy Tiegen - Balayage Hair Color Trend
Chrissy Teigen shows off her beautiful “Balayage” tresses!

Check out their post on the balayage hair fashion trend that all the celebrities are raving about!!!


This new hair coloring technique gives you a more natural look and actually saves you trips to the salon which inevitably saves your $$$!!!

And …

You know yours truly… Jenny Nadine ~ Your Frugalistic Fashion Queen is all about showing you how to save money!!
StyleWe has various different dress styles, lengths, and sizes …

Cici Wang Party Dresses sold at!
Beautiful unique Cici Wang party dress designs sold at!!
StyleWe Plus Size Pink Mini Party Dress
StyleWe Plus Size Pink Mini Party Dress

Yes, they care about ALL OF US WOMEN!

And, isn’t that refreshing in this tumultuous time in the “body positive movement”!!
Of course, as you know, CDF does mostly cater to the plus size woman, of which there are many body types and styles.


We simply do not accept discrimination of any woman’s body and from time to time, seek out those boutiques that cater to women of all sizes and shapes to share with you ALL!!

StyleWe is definitely no exception to this mantra! They do a great job at inclusivity, offering the most beautiful, unique and stylish clothes including sizes XS to 7XL!!

Oh course, seeing is believing … (Be sure to check out their “sexy long sleeve dresses”!!)

StyleWe's Long Sleeve Midi Dresses
StyleWe’s Long Sleeve Midi Party Dresses
StyleWe's High-End Silk Long-Sleeve Dresses
StyleWe’s High-End Silk Long-Sleeve Dresses

So, CDF has collaborated with StyleWe online to bring you some of the best party styles to choose from and buy:

Make sure to click any or all of the links throughout this collaborative post to view their entire website packed full of fabulous styles for your party needs, business, casual or anything in-between!!

We promise that you will not be disappointed!

We’d like to hear from you after viewing and/or purchasing any of StyleWe’s wonderful high-end designs!!

So, send us a message below to let us know what you think or contact us on any of CDF’s social media sites and/or StyleWe’s blog or social media!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

We are here for you as we have not forgotten you and are still standing by our “New Year’s Resolution”!!

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5 Positive CDF~Style New Year Resolutions for Plus~Size Fashionistas

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It is New Year’s Day, CDF Fashionistas! What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

A Plus Size Fashionista's NY resolutions list ~Curves Deserve Fashion
You are always trying to fix you, but the only thing you need to fix is the love for self!!

We just had our NYE celebration where we were dressed CDF Style in our best or latest plus size perfect holiday dress or outfit, which made us feel absolutely gorgeous and fabulous but today is the 1st day of 365 days where we decide to begin doing things differently:

  • Lose weight ~ Drink more water
  • Get fit ~ Join a gym or start a new fitness plan
  • Stop smoking, drinking or whatever vice is ailing you
  • Make more money ~ Find another job ~ Work harder on building your business
  • Pay off bills ~ Become debt-free
  • Travel more ~ Check off more of your bucket list
  • Become more organized
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Be Happy: Find Love!
  • Stick to our resolutions FOR ONCE

    NY Resolutions that always fail! Why not try CDF Style Resolutions?
    NY Resolutions that always seem to fail! Why not try CDF Style Resolutions for Plus Size Fashionistas ~ Curves Deserve Fashion


But, you know what:

Isn’t it inevitable and obvious that pretty much every year we torture ourselves with this long list of to-dos that we have every intention of adhering to and accomplishing and

we do well to stick to them for like maybe the first 2 – 3 months (if we’re lucky)

But life always has a way of kicking us down, overwhelming or defeating us and we find it too difficult to stay on track  ~

Does that sound about right? Well, let’s get to the bottom of it all by first answering this question …

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

It just seems like we keep setting ourselves up for failure!

One of our main problems is that we feel that we are never good enough, strong enough, pretty enough ~

But, wait:

These things are all negative thoughts! And, what have we all learned about negativity? It breeds failure, right?

So, it is no wonder we keep giving up, we have been conditioned to believe that we are never or nor will we ever be good enough, strong enough or pretty enough.

But, you know what ~ WE ARE!!

Yea, of course, we are not perfect but who is? No, even that slim and fit, seems like she’s got it all together, know-it-all associate, friend or colleague IS NOT PERFECT!


Believe in YOU CDF Style!
Believe in YOU CDF Style!


Do you wanna know what those like her and other go-getters you hear about who are continuously successful in almost everything they set out to accomplish even though it seems like they have too much on their plate do differently?

They use the power of positive thinking!! That’s right!

No matter what, they never give up and do not tear themselves down just because something did not go as planned or someone else thinks less of them. They pick themselves back up, dust themselves off, and try try again!

Most of all, they have all learned to LOVE THEMSELVES!!

They believe that they are good enough, strong enough, and pretty or handsome enough and know that against all odds, they can accomplish any goal they set for themselves, even if it takes a lifetime!!

So, above all else, you know what we must do?

Yes, you guessed it, we have to start with loving ourselves no matter what life throws our way or whether or not Susie or Paul thinks we are good enough, strong enough, or pretty enough!!

It will not be easy at first but nothing worthwhile ever is, right?

So, now here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

From the words of one of our late but great famous old-school Fashionistas:


Love Yourself First by Lucille Ball - Body Positivity CDF Style
Love Yourself First by Lucille Ball – Body Positivity CDF Style


Now, if you are old enough to remember comedian/actress/model Lucille Ball you know how funny, inspirational, beautiful, and fabulous she was!

If not, you should make it your business to check some of her old self-produced TV shows from youtube of The Lucille Ball Show or I Love Lucy!

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz 1955
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz 1955

She will crack you up and her character on I Love Lucy will give you an example of a lady who was not the most graceful (in fact, she was a downright clutz, on purpose of course) and certainly did not always have the right answers ~

But, she was a go-getter in character and in real life and always was the center of attention whether she was working hard or playing hard with her husband (played by her former spouse Desi Arnaz), or her neighbors and friends!

So, she absolutely knew what she was talking about when she made these statements:

“Love yourself and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

And, we will be wise to take her advice, as her words did not fall on deaf ears!



Are we ready to update our list of New Year’s resolutions to match our newfound positive CDF Style energy?

After all, what does CDF stand for:

Curves Deserve Fashion 

And, if we say this is true then we are saying we are true to our body and our curves, so we must also be true to our mind and really believe in both!! WE DESERVE IT, RIGHT?!?!

We deserve to be true to ourselves, honor and love ourselves, believe in ourselves, and know that if we don’t do these things then we are our own worst enemy and there is nothing anyone can do worse to us than we are already doing to ourselves!!

Let’s choose the power of positive thinking and knock out all those failed New Year’s resolutions once and for ALL with:


5 CDF~Style Plus~Size Positive New Year’s Resolutions


  1. 1. Give yourself permission to love yourself and others will follow your lead! 

    If it’s not making you better, it isn’t love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less.  ~  Mandy Hale

    I give myself permission to honor every version of myself I ever was and ever will be.Murray Newsland

    2. Come to realize your own strength: It comes from within, through the power of positive thinking! 

    Strength doesn’t come from what you DO, It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.  ~ Murray Newsland

    3. Refuse to allow others to dictate who you are or where you are going! 

    Your value is not dependent on someone else’s inability to see your worth.  ~ Murray Newsland

    4. Come to realize your own self-worth and that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

    Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize in our own being, we are enough!  ~ Ram Dass

    5. Determine that your health and happiness are your responsibility and it starts with a healthy positive mind! 

    I’ve decided to be happy because it is good for my health. ~ Voltaire

    Happiness is not something ready made – it comes from your own action ~ Dalai Lama


Ok, so now that we have gotten:

Plus Size Woman making her list for NY resolutions - Curves Deserve Fashion & Everything Else!
Curves Deserve Fashion & Everything Else!

A wake-up call ~ A reality check ~ A dose of positive reinforcement

What are we going to do with it?

Just toss it aside and go back to doing things the way we’ve always done them and say to ourselves that this all sounds good but it’s not for me!

No, we cannot afford to do that! That would be like giving up on life!

That is NOT an option! THIS IS FOR YOU!

Remember you are a true fashionista with a knack for choosing what looks best on YOU and the same goes for every other part of your life ~.

No one is good at everything and that is why we will always need others. Learn to lean on your positive friends, family, colleagues, therapist or spiritual guide for support when and where you need them most!

And, keep up the positive vibes by stirring clear of negative people, places, and things! Always fill your heart, body, and mind with all things positive: 


  • Read books, magazines, and articles that lift your spirits! 
  • Listen to music that soothes your soul! 
  • Surround yourself with those that let you be yourself, respect you, and believe in you! 
  • Stay away from people or places that stifle your existence and make you feel uncomfortable! 



We hope you have enjoyed our advice for bringing positive change to your thought process for the new year!

Please also join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram for even more positive vibes, advice, and talks!

We always want to hear from you about how we can help make you look and feel more fabulous every day as that is OUR main New Year’s Resolution! 


Thank you for helping to make us better and more accommodating for YOU!!

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Our CDF Style New Year’s Resolution for Plus Size Fashionistas

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So, we are just hours away from a brand new year!


We all made it thru another year together, CDF Divas and that is a reason in itself to celebrate! What do ya’ll thinK?

Oh course, we all have many reasons to celebrate:

NY #CDFStyle celebration & resolutions
NY #CDFStyle celebration & resolutions
  • life
  • health
  • endurance
  • optimism
  • happiness
  • new chances for self-growth
  • YOU and ME!!

Here at Curves Deserve Fashion, we are celebrating all of these things ~

But especially the fact that we still have YOU and more chances to make you and all CDF fashionistas feel fabulous every day!!

That’s what we like to call CDF STYLE OPTIMISM!!








Psst: Be on the lookout for a new post on CDF Style New Year Resolutions for Plus Size Fashionistas…

In the meantime and In-between time: 

Just be happy, love yourself, and enjoy your NY celebrations wherever you are or whatever you do!

And ~ Never forget that you are Fabulous just the way you are!!








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10 Best Plus Size Sites to Buy Holiday Dresses

Yes, it is officially last minute to shop for holiday dresses online!

Yet, if you have not purchased your NYE dress, you still have time to order and receive it on time!

Plus…Kiyonna - Plus Size Holiday Dresses

We just had to share these 10 plus size premium sites since they are offering some of the best sales and deals ever for:

  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Post-Holiday

Not to mention, we also have Valentine’s Day and even Easter coming up very soon.

We believe that it is never too late or too early to shop for and buy one or two beautiful quality dresses and/or gowns for any special occasion.

For us frugal fashionistas and shoppers ~ It is always best to grab ’em when they are discounted, on sale, or on clearance (our favorite, 😉 )

So, let’s get this party started!! Are ya’ll ready to hit those sites? (PSST: IGIGI is BACK!!)

Cause, it’s NOW time to do what we do best:

Meet, greet and socialize while we engage in our holiday shopping spree mission for that perfect plus size dress!

Click links (in purple) or banners to reach the sites immediately! Don’t forget to use coupon codes where indicated!

10 Best Plus Size Sites to Buy Holiday Dresses


  1.  Kiyonna ~

    Holiday Wish List, 25 % Off all Dresses Use Code BESTDRESSED

  2.  Lane Bryant ~

    15% Off Online Purchases with code AFNOV15LB. Valid 12/23-1/16


  3.  Eloquii ~

     40% Off Your Purchase of $100+ (Including Sale) with code     CELEBRATE.


  4.  Sophisticated Curves ~

    Shop Plus Size Holiday Dresses from the latest trends and quality brands combined on one site for your convenience:

    Use code 20OFFSC to get 20%OFF our add to cart items. This includes all of our current NEW IGIGI products! 

  5.  Dressbarn ~

    Get 20% off your entire regular priced purchase using code: GETGIFTS20 or Get 25% off your entire regular-priced purchase with your Dressbarn credit card using code: GETGIFTS25

  6.  Society+ ~

    Glam Collection is 25% Off until Midnight 12/24 Use code AGIFTFORME

  7.  Torrid ~

    Tis the (End of the Year) Season Clearance at up to 70% off original prices!


  8.  Igigi ~

  9.  Wet Seal ~

    Up to 50% off dresses, jewelry & cold weather styles + free standard shipping on orders over $49

  10.  SWAK ~

    Don’t Forget to Gift Yourself 40% Off Any Order SiteWide with code HOLIDAY40 or 50% Off Any Order $100+ with code HOLIDAY50


Which are your favorite plus size shops? Did you find a dress or two to gift yourself or your favorite fashionista?

Please share your holiday photos on INSTA or TWITTER using #CDFSTYLE!

Scroll down to leave your comments, questions, or suggestions!


We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

As always, thank you for your support!

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5 Days of Cheap Last Minute Christmas Deals for Frugal Fashionistas

So, Here we are again:

5 Days of Cheap Last Minute Christmas Deals for Frugal Fashionistas
Shop Last Minute Christmas Deals with Santa!

It’s only 5 DAYS until Christmas and we are shopping for those


And, if you are like me, you just realized you have nothing new or festive to wear cause you always leave yourself for last.

Am I right?

Yep, me too! Personally, I have been an empty-nester for about 5 years now ~

But, I still just cannot get past that little voice that says:

“Think of others first, save yourself for last” 


Well, Honey ~ DON’T STRESS IT ~

This is no time to fret, my frugal fashionistas…You know why?

5 Days of Cheap Last Minute Christmas Deals for Frugal Fashionistas
Mad Dash Shopping for Last Minute Christmas Deals! Best to Shop Online!

Cause lucky for you:

Your Frugalistic Fashion Queen is here to take the load off and make it just a wee bit easier for you!!

Whether you are looking to spruce yourself up or find those last minute Christmas gifts for your mother, sister, bestie, aunt or even your honey:

With the 5 shops and sites, we are gonna explore today, you are sure to find something special (and…shhh …affordable!) for everyone ~

Don’t forget YOURSELF ~ even though it is LAST MINUTE!!







Day # 1 ~ AMAZON ~ 

Shop Amazon’s Last Minute Deals*


YASS, We are going there, cause you know Amazon has something for everyone on your list!!

Plus, You know you are still gonna save yourself for last ~

And, besides…you know what they say, “Always Save the BEST for LAST”


Last Minute Deals Are Here: 

‘Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but we’ve still got the deals going here at Amazon. You’ll find all our top holiday deals right here so you can get great gifts at amazing prices’.

*Some deals are in limited supply but don’t worry if you miss one because we have hundreds of deals each day.




 Shop Rainbow for women’s clothing, plus size clothing, shoes, and accessories. We offer trendy and cute styles at prices you’ll love! **


NOW, “THAT’s MORE LIKE IT”, you say?


Winter Clearance Sale Starts NOW ~

Shop the Hottest Last Minute Deals & GET UP TO 75% OFF!!

5 Days of Cheap Last Minute Christmas Deals for Frugal Fashionistas
Rainbow Plus Size Lace Maxi Dress ~ Perfect Christmas Holiday Dress


** Get gifts in time for Christmas ~ ORDER BEFORE 1 pm on Dec. 21 EXPEDITED and on Dec. 22 ONE DAY!!



Day # 3 ~ YVES ROCHER  ~

CHECK THIS OUT: Receive the FREE PRODUCT of your choice among 10 with every order! FREE Beauty Case and Pouch duo with your $45+ order!


Ok, Ya gotta have your beauty face on for Christmas Holidays ~

And, Yves Rocher, the queen of free gifts, is the perfect place to shop for stocking stuffers for ALL those other Fashionistas you know 😉


Get Your Free Gifts for Christmas ~ What A Last Minute Deal!!
Yves Rocher for Last Minute Stocking Stuffers


 Free 2-day shipping upgrade, plus an additional 20% off with a $50 purchase on only with code ZZBONUS. Offer valid 12/19/16 – 12/20/16.
5 Days of Cheap Last Minute Christmas Deals for Frugal Fashionistas


You got your last minute gifts for everyone ~ Check


Your Christmas dress or outfit ~ Check


Your beauty items & Fashionista stocking stuffers ~ Check…Now, for new shoes to go with the new holiday duds!!

Yass, You’re welcome, sweetie 😉




Share something unique, beautiful, and truly unforgettable this holiday season with Lisa Hoffman’s first ever Friendship Fragrance Bracelet Duo.


Last, but certainly not least:

~ Jewelry and Fragrance ~

Uniquely placed together with Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry, Top off your Christmas Holiday Outfit with Perfume and Jewelry


Share a special Friendship Gift with your Fashionista Friends, Sister, or MOM, while also giving to a women’s empowerment charity ~


Share something unique, beautiful, and truly unforgettable this holiday season with Lisa Hoffman's first ever Friendship Fragrance Bracelet Duo.





Have a wonderful, safe & happy holiday season!!

Please, leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below.


Chat soon  🙂

Jenny Nadine

Your Frugaslistic Fashion Queen











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Don’t Miss OUT On ALL The BEST Online Black Friday & Cyber Monday Plus Sales!!

Black Friday is HERE!! Our favorite time to SHOP ‘TIL WE DROP!!

And, Don’t forget we have Cyber Monday coming up, too!!

So, my CDF Divas & Gents …no more stressful talk about the election, that’s all water under the bridge now!! Why Shop Black Friday Online?

Besides, we wasting precious shopping time; we have all those hot new outfits and holiday party dresses to browse and buy at half price or less!!

Right?? Exactly!!

But, wait… before we begin, I hear some of you asking

‘Why should I shop Black Friday Sales online as opposed to sticking to my yearly tradition of running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I get ready

to leave my home, to fight the mad traffic, to go stand in long lines

where I may possibly get trampled or have to fight someone over

the LAST PAIR OF BOOTS in my size that I had my heart set on (maybe even getting injured) when it’s highly likely my sizes in all those fab plus outfits

are already sold out even though I reach there in the wee morning hours;

therefore, taking a chance of being disappointed and leaving empty-handed?’
Isn’t it obvious??

Didn’t you just answer your own question?

But, wait…you still need more  convincing??


I mean why in the world would you leave your comfy warm bed at 3 am

when you can just grab your laptop from your nightstand, take your time to

shop all your favorite department stores, plus size boutiques, and shoe stores

directly from just one fabulous spot…

Here on Curves Deserve Fashion, of course…

right where you left off before you nodded off into oblivion just a few hours ago!!

And, Yassss

Most bricks-n-mortar stores, including all of our favorite plus size boutiques,

have Black Friday Sales online which include all of your many

specialty items that are only sold online.

Plus, believe it or not, in many cases you can get even better deals online

than in-store and that’s true any day of the week as well.

So, NOW are ya’ll ready to browse and shop all those

Fabulous Black Friday discounts and deals, moving from store to store,

from the comfort of your bed or couch without ever putting your feet on the ground??


That We don’t wanna miss out on!! YASSSS…

So, Come On CDF Divas & Gents, LET’S GO SHOPPING NOW >>>>>


Where Eva Shall We Begin?? Well, Let’s Start With A List of…



(Note: Clicking purple or blue links takes you to the respective store’s web sale!)






































**Please Bookmark this post and keep checking back for more!! I will be adding even more exciting Black Friday Sales, Deals and Coupon Codes Plus the upcoming Cyber Monday Discount Sales throughout the weekend!!

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Plus Size #FFOTD: “Brands We Love” By StyleWe

Brands We Love 392*72

If you have never shopped StyleWe then you are in for a treat! They have expanded their unique designer selections since we introduced them a few months ago.

StyleWe-Batwing Sweater
StyleWe-Batwing Sweater
(S-XXL) 15% OFF

I just got an email alerting me of their special

“Brands We Love” sale offering a whopping

discount of 15% – 40% off from now through

Saturday (11/19) with over 800 styles to choose

from and boy was I amazed by all of their new

wonderful uniquely designed women’s clothes ranging from sizes S up to 5XL!!!

StyleWe-Black Casual H-line Flared Pants
StyleWe-Black Casual H-line Flared Pants (S-XXL)-15%OFF
StyleWe - Red 3/4 Sleeve A-line Stand Collar Cardigan with Belt
ANGEL EYES – Red 3/4 Sleeve A-line Stand Collar Cardigan with Belt (S-XL) NOW 20% OFF!
SUSONGETH - Multicolor H-line Checkered/Plaid Trench Coat (S-3XL) Now 20% OFF!
SUSONGETH – Multicolor H-line Checkered/Plaid Trench Coat (S-3XL) Now 20% OFF!

Sooo, just in case you were wondering…

Yassss, they do offer new unique and trendy high-quality designer fashion wear for us Plus Size gals, too!!

What are you waiting for??

Go check ’em out RIGHT NOW!!

I promise, like me, you are gonna

fall in love!! (Clicking any banner or

link from this post will take you

there immediately!!)

SUSONGETH - Navy Blue Polyester Polka Dots A-line Trench Coat (S-XXL) Now 25% OFF!
SUSONGETH – Navy Blue Polyester Polka Dots A-line Trench Coat (S-XXL) Now 25% OFF!

Pssst: Wintertime is upon us!!

Don’t miss the chance to pick up some fabulous outerwear, including a trench coat or two!! “Find more cool trench coats here…”


~Follow StyleWe Socially on Pinterest and Check out reviews on their Blog Here!!~



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Breaking News: Quality Plus-Size Fashion Finds that Won’t Break the Bank!!

Project Runway's Fashion Guru, Tim Gunn promotes more quality Plus Size Fashion Finds
Project Runway’s Fashion Guru, Tim Gunn promotes the making of more quality Plus Size Fashion Finds

If you are like me, you never get enough of looking for more quality plus size fashion finds that won’t break the bank…

Am I right? Sure, that’s why you’re here.


Today, we keep hearing excuses about why certain clothing manufacturers and/or retailers DO NOT or WILL NOT produce or carry plus size clothes such as:

  • ‘too costly’
  • ‘too difficult to make patterns of different shapes’
  • ‘more challenging to dress’~~~blah, blah, blah.

But, wait:

Why would they cut off their nose to spite their faces? Don’t they understand that we are the majority and never stop looking for quality plus size fashion finds?

Well, I tend to agree with Fashion Guru, Tim Gunn from Project Runway when he says, “That’s poppycock” and the fashion industry needs to “Wake up…the slender 7 ft. tall “Glamazon” on the red carpet is just unrealistic and does not represent “ideal fashion”

Designer Christian Siriano now makes quality plus size fashion
Christian Siriano with Lane Bryant Plus Size Models


I just so happen to believe that the same also applies to our larger (PLUS SIZE, BIG ‘N TALL) men, as well! 😉

With that being said, we plus size gals (we’re not forgetting you guys) are beginning to see more and more opportunities to be seen and heard as well as many more options in quality plus size fashion, which is great~~~

Yet, sad to say:

I think we can all agree, there is still a long way to go to be viewed as equally relevant in the fashion industry.

It can be quite expensive to buy high-quality plus size clothing, especially from those few designers that have taken on the so-called challenge of designing plus size clothing lines or pieces~~~

(Not being ungrateful, I love that some are stepping up, like Christian Siriano, for instance…love him for this!)

It’s just that:

Many of us just simply cannot afford to buy garments with such hefty price tags  🙁

Well, my CDF Divas and CDF Guys: We actually DO have less expensive options!!

Yasss, Believe it or not …WE DO!

Those of you that have been following me for awhile know that I am an advocate of frugal online shopping and have presented many posts with great deals and shopping tips and advice on how to get even better deals online!!

And, contrary to popular belief, SUPER CHEAP or CHEAP does not always mean low-quality or tasteless style!


In order to make it easier for y’all, I have compiled the following updated list of many plus size shops, boutiques, as well as department stores offering affordable, but quality plus size or big ‘n tall fashion~~~You’re welcome 😉


Quality Plus-Size Fashion Finds that Won’t Break the Bank!!



 Department Stores

  1. Bealls –  Plus-size fashions from the latest trends to classic comfort. See what’s on sale today at!


  2. JCPenneyGet our newest arrivals in Plus Size Women’s Fashions starting at $20 everyday!!

    Note: Be sure to check out Ashley Nell Tipton’s Boutique+ Collection, which is extraordinarily affordable!!

  3. Kohl’s Shop Women’s Plus Size At Kohl’s Online!

    Shop Men’s Big & Tall at Kohl’s Online!

    Shop Women’s Plus Size Clearance at Kohl’s!!

    Shop Men’s Big & Tall Clearance at Kohl’s!!


    Clothing Stores

    1. Styles For Less Shop our plus size collection today!


    2. Twinkle Deals USA Don’t miss out: Anniversary Sale Up to 90% and Free Shipping!

    Clearance Event: Starting at $4.99 and Free Shipping!!


    3. BlairShop Women’s Trendy Fashion Up to 5XL at!


    Plus Size Boutiques

    1. Society Plus Shop Incredible Deals on New Arrivals, Clearance, and More at Society-Plus!


    2. Always For Me Get Your Plus Size Cover Ups, Swimsuits, Lingerie and Sun Dresses From Always For Me!


    3. Fashion to FigureFashion to Figure, Bringing Fashion to Figures 12-26


    Men’s Big ‘N Tall Shops

    1. Casual Male –  Shop Destination XL – Your one-stop-shop superstore for all your fashion needs!!

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CDF’s Fabulous Friday Plus Size Weekend Deals!!

Wet Seal Plus Size #CDFStyle Fall Looks
Wet Seal Plus Size First Fall Looks

Happy Fab Friday CDF Divas!!

Yasss, Fall is in the air and most of you know that even though I now reside in the balmy Caribbean I do still miss my fave time of year in Atlanta!!

So, you know your Frugalistic Fashion Queen just had to share this fab new fall sale with all my fab CDF divas!!

Click this link or FB post pics below to Shop:

First Fall Looks: 30% Off Flannels, Bodysuits, Jackets & More. Valid 9/9/16 – 9/11/16. Shop Wet Seal Now!
Aren’t ya’ll excited, yet??!! GO and check ’em out NOW because the deal ends Monday…after all a deal this good has to be limited to just 3 days!!

Love ya’ll,
Jenny Nadine 😉

P.S. Help a CDF sista out by sharing this with your Insta Diva friends with hashtag #CDFStyle!!

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Marvelous Monday: Plus Size Deal of the Day!!

Modcloth Swimsuit

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Get set to get wet! At ModCloth, all swimwear is 30% off for a limited time only. Use code SUNDERFUL at checkout and Modcloth Swimsuitfind the suit that perfectly suits your style!! Modcloth Swimsuit


Deal: 30% off all swim at ModCloth
Start: Monday 5/16 @ 9am EST
End: 5/19 @ 9 am EST
Landing Page: Swimsuit



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