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Hello, Ladies!

For those of you that already shop Lane Bryant (LB): Good for You!!

This will probably just be a review of what you may already know.

However, there are many of you that have not and many (like me) that have stopped shopping LB over the last few years for whatever reason. My reasons were financial, as a few other plus size shops were offering similar fashion styles and options for less!

Jenny Nadine Representing!!
Jenny Nadine Representing!!

I have always loved LB and since becoming an affiliate last year:

Noticed some tremendous changes for the better that deserve our attention, which prompted me to return as a full-fledged customer…

And, I would encourage and welcome those of you that haven’t made that step back or have never experienced what LB offers for us Mature>Unique>Modern curvy women in the plus size fashion industry to explore these ~~~


5 Reasons Impacting my Decision to Shop Lane Bryant Online Again

And why they deserve to win your heart as well:


1. Plus Is Equal campaign ~ 

Unless you do not engage in any type of media or social media, then I am sure that you have heard about this infamous campaign that landed thousands of women just like us on Times Square, NY on September 14 for the making of history for plus size women worldwide! Plus Is Equal NYC

This was tremendous for us:

Lane Bryant stood up for us all and forced the fashion world to take notice and I believe you would agree when I say...It was long overdue!!

We still have a long way to go to be treated as equal in the petite-dominant fashion runways and we are still being treated as second class or a hidden class in many department stores.

But, hey:

We have come a long way and I salute Lane Bryant for this huge step for demanding respect for all women of all sizes, especially the neglected majority ~ Plus Size Women ~

Which by-the-way make up approximately 67% of all women in the U.S.

2. International Shipping ~

For those of us Americans residing outside the U.S. (like myself) and many other international plus size women that do not have Lane Bryant stores in place.

And thus, have limited plus size shopping options.


Lane Bryant NOW ships to many different countries, including:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Belgium, And many
  • Caribbean Islands such as Sint Maarten, where I now reside.


This is a huge plus for plus size women worldwide!


3. Upgraded to More Modern Styles and Trends ~

If you haven’t already, just take a peek over at their website and see for yourself…

Don’t just take my word for it!!

Don’t you think they offer fresh new looks??

Fabulous, & Trendy styles for today’s modern plus size gal!!


4. Better Competitive Pricing ~

Many have complained that LB is just too expensive…

I’m here to tell you I use to be one of those in that camp (if you have been following me for awhile then you know me to be the self-proclaimed Frugalistic Fashion Queen that just loves those clearance racks and special deals…hehehe).


Lately, I have been sharing lots of sales, online discounts, and coupon codes for Lane Bryant in the Weekly Sales Rundown posts and on social media.

LB now offers specials on a weekly basis and some special discount coupons lasting for a day or even monthly.

As for me, I just received my online purchases a few days ago and will be sharing an LB Review on those items soon…

Be on the lookout for that!!

I am sharing an item listed receipt that I received along with my order so that you can clearly see how much $$ I saved:


My $avings @ Lane Bryany
Look at My $avings @ LB!!



5. Employs Plus Size Models ~

If you haven’t been paying attention:

Lane Bryant employs true plus size models of all shapes and sizes so as to assist you in determining the proper fit of their styles by viewing how clothes look on a woman closer to your size and/or frame.

This is very important.

Many online shops today (even some so-called plus shops) still use average or even petite size models to display plus size clothes on their sites. I just shake my head when I see that.

I just shake my head when I see that.

I don’t know about you, but that tends to deter me from buying, which is not a sound marketing policy for any business.

Just take a look here at LB’s #PlusIsEqual Girls:


Plus Is Equal Models




So, what do you think?

Do you agree that these are 5 legitimate reasons to give Lane Bryant a chance to satisfy your fashion cravings??

After viewing the receipt above as proof of the incredible savings I experienced with shopping Lane Bryant online recently:

Don’t you think you’d like to get in on these special deals??**


I mean, think about this for a second:

Those Cacique bras that I purchased had an original price tag of $46 each and mind you, I got:


  • Two plus the #PlusIsEqual T-shirt that I’m wearing above (originally $29.99)
  • One 2-piece lingerie set, originally priced at $44.99, And
  • One pair of hoop earrings with an original price tag of $14.99.


Notice most of the prices listed were sales prices even before my discounted savings of $64.



When you consider the original retail price tags of the items I purchased ~ My actual grand total savings were approximate $132!

I only paid $50, tax and shipping costs included for these items with an original total retail price of approximately $182…

That’s a savings of about 73%.


Wow…You can’t get much better than that!! Don’t you agree??


Those amazing savings alone should give you reason enough to consider shopping with or coming back to the tried and true:

Pioneer of Plus Size Fashion, Lane Bryant


As a little incentive gift for you to experience these type of savings for yourself ~

I am leaving ya’ll with a head’s up on an LB special upcoming one-day sitewide promotion that only affiliates like myself have knowledge of:


50% OFF Storewide PLUS .11¢ shipping at LaneBryant.com! (11/9 Only)!!


You are very welcome!!
After reviewing these reasons for yourself:
I believe you will be begging for more and will want to consider becoming a new loyal LB customer or a renewed one like myself!!
Comment below to agree or disagree! Plus, I’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have…
Please do not hesitate to contact me!!


As always, thanks for stopping by!


Your Frugalistic Fashion Queen,
Jenny Nadine 🙂

Disclaimer Statement: This is not a paid sponsorship posting! I will only receive commissions if or when you make a purchase with Lane Bryant by clicking on the affiliate links above and will not receive any earnings until a set quota has been reached. The opinions, views, and experiences stated in this post are all my own and have not been skewed by Lane Bryant or any other affiliate or entity.

**Please leave your inquiries or comments below!!
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