Curves Deserve Fashion Nominated for Liebster Award

Curves Deserve Fashion Nominated for Liebster Award

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Hello Ladies!

I am graciously honored to accept the nomination of Curves Deserve Fashion (#CDF) for The Liebster Award!! 

CDF was nominated by a dear friend, follower and fellow lifestyle/fashion blogger; Donna Foreverserenity…

She was previously nominated for her work on her wonderful Blog site: Fabulously Curvy !! 


As part of a wonderful growing community, it is always a pleasure to explore, meet, and follow veterans as well as brand new lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

I’d especially like to take this time to let Donna know how much she is appreciated for believing in and recognizing #CDF as a worthy recipient for this award. I’d also like to ask for her forgiveness for the delayed acceptance speech.

Life has a way of swallowing us up at times with so many interruptions and challenges, both good and bad. However, it is highly necessary and never too late to show our appreciation and gratitude for one of CDF’s best supporters!! We love ya girl…[icon icon=icon-smile size=22px color=#FFF000]

One of the rules of this award is to answer 11 questions about myself and my blog. I will be using the same questions Donna responded to on her own blog linked above & by doing so I’m hoping that this will help all of you to get to know me just a little bit better!

So, without further ado…

Here are the Q’s and A’s:


1. Where does your blogging inspiration come from? 

My inspiration comes from my willingness and passion for helping others. I have been an avid online shopper for over a decade and over those years I’ve came across many people such as family members, friends, clients and associates that had an inherent fear of shopping online.

I personally coached and encouraged many of them to overcome their fear and was successful in doing so. So, I figured why not share my experiences and love for online shopping with others, especially Mature Plus-Size Women like myself,  right here online!   And, maybe just maybe I can assist YOU in becoming more comfortable with shopping online hence saving some of your hard-earned money along the way!!


2. Is your blogging simply a hobby? What kind of dreams do you have for it?

Although, it did not start off as a hobby I must admit I thoroughly enjoy it.

It has been a life-long dream to have my own successful and self-sustaining online business and my goal over the past decade has been to have just that by the time I am 50…

Well, I just turned 49 this past April, so that leaves me with less than a year. I have a ways to go to reach that goal, but I consider myself very fortunate to have been well-received within this community and with blessings from supporters like Donna and many others, I’m expecting to reach it within due time.


3.  What is your support system like and who are your biggest supporters?

I have a great support system that consists of  the love of my life and many great friends and associates!

My hubby has been my biggest supporter for the last 13 years…We work together on many projects to completion and we respect and compliment each other with our own individual strengths.


4. What are 10 random facts about you? 

Wow, this is a good one, smile…

1. I am a lefty…or as some call it, a southpaw! This has made many things just a little more difficult for me, especially as a child when I was surrounded by a right-handed world.

2. I have naturally-curly hair that was tough to deal with as a child, but I have grown to love and consider it one of my assets.

3. I wore a bra in the 2nd grade, which was quite difficult since I got teased quite a bit. (Hehehe..another one of those grown assets!)

4. I am a proud parent of  two grown biracial children.

5. The raising of Carlos and Ashley wasn’t easy, in fact motherhood turned out to be the toughest job of my life; however, I consider them to be my best accomplishment today in that they both turned out pretty darn good…Love ya’ll more than words can express…

6. I have never had to be admitted to the hospital other than my two pregnancies, in which both were at risk..

7. I had toxemia or as some call it, preclampsia with them both and it was worse with my last, Ashley…came as an emergency C-section in which the doctor later proclaimed, “I thought I was gonna lose you both…”. Thank God for saving us both!!

8. I consider myself a Christian as I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and proclaim that He is my Lord and Savior.

9. At 48 years old, I decided to FINALLY seek to earn my B.S. in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship and am attending Liberty University Online, which is the largest Christian university.

10. I am proud to confess that I currently hold a 3.88 GPA after two years of studying. (see, I’m proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks..hehehe).

11. And, last but not least, I am somewhat of a perfectionist that takes too long to write course papers and even blog posts because of this fact…Sigh ;-\

Oops…I kinda got carried away and gave 11 facts…thinking I was done with my 11 questions…ahhh, that inevitable pre-menopausal symptom of forgetfulness…hahahaha 


5. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Hmmm, there are many things like structuring and adding pictures, etc. but, most of all, I think I’ll have to second what Donna (2015) had to say in her Lieber award blog post, which is, “Being able to share information that my readers might not have known about”. 


6. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks at once?

Hmmm…well, first of all, I try to keep things in perspective and prioritize by keeping an ongoing numbered to-do list as a reminder of what’s most important right now.


7. What would you do with a large sum of money given to you?

Invest in some business ideas and goals and make sure to budget enough to place some in my retirement account. And, last but not least, give to some local charities for children and animals.


8. What was one of the most moving books or movies you have ever seen?

I would have to say the most moving movie of all-time for me is “The Notebook”. So inspiring, but yet such a tearjerker!!


9. Where would you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?

As I stated above, I would like to be enjoying financial success as a business owner of one or more businesses. Being able to travel or do whatever I want to do whenever I want to. But, most of all, to be able to help those less fortunate and animals.


10. Do you have a bucket list? Name 5 things on that.

1. Travel for months to see all the wonders of the world!

2. To reach financial security so as to be able to spend more time working on bringing my family closer together.

3. To right the wrongs of my life, if that is at all possible.

4. Learn to take professional pictures.

5. Create my own zoo.


11. What is your single best piece of advice for someone starting out in the blogging world?

Go for it. Don’t overthink it, but do some research, take some classes, watch some videos to keep improving and staying on top of your blog topic. Enjoy what you blog about, don’t waste your time by “faking de funk”.



Wow…that wasn’t so bad…I actually expected it to be more difficult. But, I’m not quite finished yet…


The next portion of accepting this award is to elect 11 of the most Awesome Bloggers that I feel deserve this award!

A criteria of the one’s I have chosen is to have no more than 200 followers…which I’m not sure I will be able to know that information off-hand, however, I feel they all deserve our attention:


1. Annie and Jay of ANNIE JAY PLUS 
2. Fannetta of LOVING YOUR CURVE
5. Lucia of  U CANT WEAR THAT 
7. Florin Gabriel Franz of LOVE AND SEX FOR WOMEN
8. Soozie Bea of FATSHION CLUB
9. Smart Curves of THE CURVY PARK
10. Aarti Olivia of CURVES BECOME HER
11. Sarah D of PLUS SIZE & PROUD



Please make an effort to check out these nominated bloggers by clicking on each respective Website name. Follow and read their work and then…

Come back and let me what you think of them or which of these may have won your heart…

Isn’t it great that we got nominated? I am ecstatic!!  I will be notifying these wonderful bloggers that they too have been nominated and it would be great if all my readers could congratulate them!

As always, thanks for supporting me and please leave a comment or inquiry about anything you’d like…

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

Jenny Nadine,

Your Grown & Sexy Fashion Queen [icon icon=icon-female size=22px color=#FF0000 ]

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Over the years I have shopped online for almost anything you could think of; however, being the mature 49 year old plus-size gal that I am you might imagine one of my main passions would be shopping for fashionable clothing and accessories that accentuates my voluptuous curves. Along the way, I have gained a great deal of valuable experience in finding just the right sites for the styles that we, as plus-size women, deserve! Come, take this journey with me into this wonderful world of online plus size fashion!!

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  1. marnialward

    I like your site.Its about time that somebody posted a site for more curvy women. It really sells the product. Well organized and thorough. I am now up to date on the latest fashion trends and I and a “fashion retard” Congratulations on the Liebster Award. You must be very successful and pleased with your accomplishments.

    • Hi Marnial,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m so happy that you’ve had a positive experience here on my site and welcome you to visit often.I always appreciate any and all comments or suggestions for what my readers enjoy or would like to see and/or hear about. So, please feel free to offer any tips or advice you’d like to share or any inquiries you might have. It is readers like yourself that I credit for any success earned here and I am grateful for you all.

      Thanks again,

      Jenny Nadine

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