Plus Size Clothes Shopping Online: Solutions for Your Top Fears

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Even though many people today have finally embraced the unlimited advantages, perks, and conveniences of online shopping, there are still some consumers that are plagued with very real fears for shopping online.

Many of our daily activities now revolve around an online ‘virtual world’ and shopping should be no exception.

You are now able to shop for and buy anything you desire online, including clothes. Shopping online for clothes, especially plus size have their own unique fears and challenges.

Ladies, if you are one of those consumers that are still afraid to take the plunge, I am here to help you face your fears and find out just what you’ve been missing.

As a mature plus size woman that lives and breathes online, shopping for fashion online is very exciting!

As a matter of fact, I have been shopping comfortably (and I do mean comfortably {even in my nightie, hehe})  for over 10 years now.

I won’t tell you that I haven’t faced a few challenges along the way, but I learned from them and the conveniences and perks have far outweighed them.

So, without further ado…

Let ME help YOU conquer your most common online shopping fears with the following list:


Top 5 Online Shopping Fears and Solutions


Online Shopping Fears
Online Shopping Fears

1. Risk of Credit Card Theft and/or Identity Theft 

This is the top concern for most online shoppers, but there are ways to alleviate if not eliminate this fear.

If you are absolutely against using your main bank or credit card there are a few different options to use instead.

One way is to use a prepaid debit card for purchases online.

Most online retailers now accept payment from this trending option.

The best thing about this option is that you can limit the funds available on this card by only depositing the amount that you need for purchases.

Although not all prepaid cards are ideal because of hidden fees, there are a few that are very consumer-friendly.

One I would recommend that I happen to use and have for the past 10 plus years is a company called NetSpend.

I worked for one of their top partners, ACE Cash Express, for nearly 14 years and remained one of the top salespersons of the Netspend prepaid MasterCard simply because I used it, knew all the benefits, and believed in the card.

Another option for us plus size queens is to use the retailers’ store cards instead.

There are quite a few online plus size shops that allow you to apply for and use their own store credit card.

If you are also leery of posting the required personal info to apply for the card online for fear of identity theft, you can go to a nearby bricks-n-mortar location to apply.

Popular Plus Size Retailers/E-tailers such as Avenue, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart all offer a store card. This is how I first got started shopping online for plus size fashion with Avenue, Lane Bryant and also J.C. Penney.

They are very convenient, but you do have to be careful not to overextend yourself because it does have fees like any other credit card.

Thirdly, most e-tailers have very secure and sophisticated servers these days that eliminate most credit card and/or identity theft.

To be sure, it’s always best to shop with the most reputable sites.

When I shop a new or lesser known site, like for instance where I made a recent purchase, I always check that the browser is secure before placing my payment and billing information.

You can verify this by noticing whether the HTTP:// has an added s at the end…https:// and most computer systems today will bring up a pop-up to let you know if the company’s certificate is not valid or up-to-date.

Plus you can do your due diligence by performing a Google search for reviews, complaints or problems on the particular site.

Finally, an additional security feature that I recommend is to sign up for Paypal, which is a secure global online payment service that allows members to send or receive money via bank account or credit card without sharing your personal financial info.  

Paypal also scans site details and will sometimes block payment of a suspicious transaction until further verification. This is a very secure way to go!


2.  Online Scams

I know you’ve heard the term, “Trust, but verify”. This is a fitting description to how you should conduct your online shopping behaviors.

Most e-tailers are on the up-and-up; however, online scams do exist and your fears are understandable.

I have come across quite a few over the years and am still skeptical at times, but I have learned the signs to look for.

Check for a secure payment browser and take a thorough look around the site for things like their address and customer service numbers and whether or not they have a privacy policy page, a return policy and any hidden fine print on all pages of the site.Online Scam Alert

Ladies… Always trust your intuition and Do your research when you are skeptical!!

If the website looks kind of shady or suspicious, it’s best to listen to your instinct and click away from the site.

One main solution for avoiding online scams always comes back to Research, Research, Research.

Do a Google search with the site’s name + ‘reviews’ or ‘online scams’. You can also check the Better Business Bureau; however, don’t get into the trap, as some people do, of depending solely upon them.

Although they are a good source to use, they do not always have up-to-date or accurate information on every site.

You can ask friends or family if they have heard of or ever used the site before.

You can also go to any one of your social media accounts and write a post asking for comments on the site or PM some of your trusted Facebook friends or Twitter followers to inquire about what they know or may have heard about a certain site.

Also, most retailers today have a Facebook or Twitter page that allows consumers to post reviews and/or comments. It is a good idea to view those as well as scan the comment section of several posts on their wall for customer’s product and service mentions.

Once you have done all of these things, you should feel pretty comfortable with your decision whether to move forward with a purchase or not.

If everything seems to check out but you still are not totally comfortable then you should take their customer service number from their website

or you could even check for a number verification on Yellow Pages or

and then call and ask for more information or questions of concern.


3. Clothes Won’t Fit  

This is probably the main concern of most plus size women, but trust me the convenience, benefits, and savings that you will receive once you have overcome this fear

will make you wonder why you were such a “scaredy cat” in the first place.

As I’ve said before, I am here to help because I want YOU to understand and share in the wonderful world of unlimited online perks that you have been missing out on by standing on the sidelines!!

Okay, so what if the clothes that you have purchased online do not fit? What now?

Are you stuck with clothes that you won’t be able to wear and enjoy? Absolutely not!

Most women that I have spoken to about this are most concerned that they will have to pay to send the merchandise back.

In most cases, this is not true. Today, most e-tailers, especially plus size boutiques have a FREE return policy!

Yesss, you heard that right. As a matter of fact, I have noticed that many are NOW advertising that fact right at the top of their websites.

If not, then look around the site for a Return Policy, which is generally near the Footer of the site near the Privacy Policy.

Also, many Plus Size Shops such as Avenue or Lane Bryant will also allow you to return your items in-store. Call customer service for clarification of their return policy if it isn’t made clear on their site.How to Measure for Clothes

To help prevent a return in the first place, you should do your measurements to compare them against measurement charts.

The one method I use the most is reading many of the product reviews on the site. Many buyers will divulge that an item runs small, large or true-to-size.

Some Plus Size websites, such as Torrid or Monif C, actually share pictures of their buyers wearing their purchased styles along with actual

True Plus Size Models on the site with the size or measurements of that model which can help you

to visualize how the garment fits someone that is more your own size.


4. Stuck with Item You’re Unhappy With

Now, this can include receiving the wrong item, wrong color, or simply being dissatisfied with the style or quality of the garment.

Again, most online shops offer FREE returns and it goes back to checking for the company’s detailed return policy.

You should never have to be stuck with a piece of clothing that doesn’t suit you taste for whatever reason.

Most E-tailers today are more than accommodating, especially since they realize that word-of-mouth travels faster in the online world, which can be devastating to a company that doesn’t live up to the expectations of their consumers.

Which brings me to the next solution…I always check product reviews on the site and off. Don’t just stick with one or two reviews and check for their overall rating of the item on the site.

The more reviews the item has the better chance at receiving a clearer picture of style, quality or any other concerns or problems other consumers have faced.

Another way to avoid receiving a garment with style or quality issues would be to review the product descriptions thoroughly.

Pay special attention to the types of fabrics that make up the garment as well as any measurements of length of tops or bottoms.


5.  Invasion of Privacy Concerns

Now, this is a concern that most of us have that has been heightened by the recent political controversy over NSA spying, etc. I have had mixed feelings and concerns about my own privacy as well, especially since I tend to be a very private person. Online Shopping Privacy Fears

Now, with that being said, I have since taken a step back to analyze the whole situation as it relates to online transactions and in evaluating privacy concerns with online transactions.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but  I have to say that unless you live under a rock, most of your information, both public and private, is included in a database that can be easily accessed whether we continue to perform online transactions or not.

I am not saying that we don’t have a legitimate reason to be concerned.

I’m not saying that at all!

What I am saying is this: With a heightened sense of awareness, observation, and critical thinking as well as monitoring our own online behaviors, we can feel more comfortable online and have more control over what is being shared.

One main recommendation I would suggest is to go and actually READ the company’s Privacy Policy on their website and to also utilize your power to opt-in or opt-out of your information being shared with affiliates or partners.

You can also do a search on the company’s record-keeping policies, etc. if they are not included on their site.


More Sound Advice

So, overall the best advice for shopping online I can leave you with is to …

‘Just Do It’ !!

You have many tools to help you overcome all of those fears and you have lots to gain. Many items are sold ONLY online and prices are generally much better online.

There are more sales and deals to take advantage of and best of all, the convenience of sitting comfortably in your own home while you shop is PRICELESS!!

Just follow your intuition, do your research and educate yourself.Ready to Shop Online!


Share Your Thoughts & Inquiries…

It is my hope that you have found this post to be helpful.

If there is anything I can help you with further, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or socially, either Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

I have a link at the foot of every page titled “Let’s Be Social” where you can easily click on either and frequently catch me on any one of those.

Do you feel better informed or more empowered now?

Any other fears or concerns that you have that I did not cover?

If so, please share your inquiries, tips or recommendations with us and other fearful online shoppers in the comment section below! Thank you!


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  1. Hi Jenny,
    As I started getting bigger, I started noticing that buying clothes started getting harder and harder. I like that you put in your article to look at reviews. I always read the comment sections when trying to order online. I would have gotten the wrong size if I hadn’t read that the jeans I was purchasing ran small.
    I always use a department store card, or credit card when shopping online. This way, if something happens, I can call to close the card, or at least have them suspend charges until things are straightened out, and I will still have my debit card to use for my offline purchases.
    Thank you for the information,
    ~ Melinda

    • Jenny Nadine

      Hi Melinda,

      I’m glad you agree with many of my tips and most of all, have used them to your own benefit! It helps to hear from my readers whether or not my advice is beneficial! Thanks for taking time to share your experiences and views. They are always welcome! Please feel free to browse my site for more helpful tips for shopping plus size online and let me know if I can be of assistance.

      Thanks again!!

      Jenny Nadine

  2. Hi. Great site you have. The sites layout is very easy to navigate which is great for non-technical folks like myself. I think its great to have a site about woman with curves because most mainstream outlets tend to just focus on the smaller woman. Beautiful woman come in all shapes and sizes.

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