Weekly Sales Rundown: W/E July 28, 2014

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Hello Ladies!!

How was Your weekend?

Mine started with the funeral for my friend on Friday followed by the wake thereafter. It was really sad, but she looked so peaceful.

I have to share this part quickly…

her 2 year old grandson was there and his parents led him to view her body and explained in terms that only a toddler could understand; that she was “sleeping”.

To my surprise, he didn’t carry on as I expected since he normally does when someone is sleeping and he wants to play or talk. He didn’t actually acknowledge that it was her, until a little later in the service.

Now only myself and one other friend of the family even noticed this, but while a family member was speaking he had made his way to the back of the room near a window where he pulled the drapes back and looked up to the high window pane and said, “There’s grandma, there’s grandma”.

Then at the end of the service when he was allowed to go back up to the coffin, he then acknowledged that it was grandma lying there.

To me, this was a sure sign that her spirit was hanging around to see her family, friends and especially her grandson one last time.

It was so surreal to witness what I’ve often heard expressed; as children, we can see and hear so much more than what we are able to as adults.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you’d like to share by replying or personally by emailing me!

So, let’s get to this week’s sales…

I’m thoroughly enjoying this:

I am finding so many unique plus size online shops and department stores carrying plus size clothes online than ever before. Like I’ve said before,

I truly feel like a kid in a candy store!! 

Ladies! We have really come a long way in just over a century ago from the founding of styles  “For Stout Women” by Lena (Lane) Bryant  …

It really feels good to be a PLUS SIZE WOMAN TODAY!! 

So, with that being said, I’ve come up with a variety of MORE great online shops to add to your MUST-CHECK-OUT list!

I think you are gonna be pleasantly surprised in the Fashion Find Deals that I have Rundown for YOU this week…


I am happy to have found these guys…

This is a bricks-n-mortar as well as an online plus size shop carrying sizes 12 – 26. What I found to be very interesting about this shop is that it was founded by Lena (Lane) Bryant’s two great-grandson’s- Michael and Nick Kaplan- in 2004,

continuing their great-grandmother’s legacy!

As an addition to the online shop they currently service plus-size women in 13 retail locations and continue to grow. Their philosophy is a belief:

“fashion is a state of mind, not a size range”

which is based on their late Gram’s famous quote:


About Fashion To FIgureGOOD NEWS

You can get in where you FIT IN with their FIRST EVER Semi-Annual Sale going on this week through Sunday, 27th…

You’re not gonna believe some of the buys you can find here…for instance,

take this trendy, flattering abstract print dress that is already a steal at the original price of $34.50…YOU gotta grab it FAST at an unbelievable price of $12.49!!Fashion to Forward- Plus Size Modern Mesh Dress

Modern Mesh Dress A black and white abstract print details this dynamic dress for fashion forward style t… [More]

Price: $34.50

Click the banner below to take YOU there Immediately:

Our Semi Annual Sale is Here Up To 65% Off Original Prices at FTF.com




This bra shop made JUST FOR ME!!

Ladies, the girls need love and this shop has it all!

Sizes ranging from a 30A to a 58J with some sizes offering cups up to an N…

Wow, amazing, can you believe it!!

If you’re like me and need a much larger than average cup size and often find it very difficult to shop for your size…YOUR difficulties are OVER!!

Shop BiggerBras.com for YOUR SIZE !!



They NOW have it for LESS!!

Oh, I almost forgot…

They sell many of the top name brand bras:

  • Vanity Fair
  • Bali
  • Playtex
  • Le Mystere (OPRAH Winfrey’s Fave )


So, what are you waiting for??


Check out our sales on bras and swimsuits. Up to 80% off select brands. Shop biggerbras.com before these deals expire.

And, also click the banner below for FREE SHIPPING!!


Style graphic-free shipping

 IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

Founded in 2000 out of San Francisco…

IGIGI specializes in sexy and sophisticated plus size fashion with an emphasis on formal wear, wedding gowns, other types of dresses as well as separates.

[They] believe that words like “ample,” “opulent,” “curvaceous,” and “voluptuous” should be mainstays in the fashion dictionary.

It is important to accentuate and celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the female figure rather than cover it up with piles of fabric. You ARE beautiful!” 

The most interesting part of their story is that this IGIGI is the name of an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence!! 

Check out their sophisticated style TODAY, sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% YOUR First Purchase:


Sign Up and Save 15% Off Your Next Purchase at IGIGI! Shop Now>
Sign Up and Save 15% Off Your Next Purchase at IGIGI! Shop Now>




So, I found yet another site specializing in swimwear!!

If you still don’t feel quite comfortable enough yet to show more skin as the trend has moved towards for Plus Size or

YOU are more on the conservative style; this just may be the site for you.

Their motto is “Curves are Beautiful” which is absolutely true!!

Sizes go from 8 to 24, which include designer styles such as:

  • Delta Burke
  • Longitude
  • Inches Off.
FTF Free Longitude Sarong

This week they are offering a Separates Sale…

Get $20 off $50 plus FREE Shipping or A FREE Sarong + FREE Shipping with a $39.99 purchase:


Swimwear For Me Sale
Swimwear For Me Sale




What did you think of these bargains?

Which of these sites did you enjoy most?

Comment below with your thoughts, questions, or suggestions!


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